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Semi-Permanent 2014

Semi-Permanent is the legendary event that brings together a brilliantly eclectic selection of the most creative minds you might ever meet, and puts them up on the same stage over two exceptional days. The event kicked off 10 very short years ago and in 2014 it was Auckland’s turn to celebrate 10 years of Semi-Permanent. We needed to create an event brand that was intrinsically semi-permanent whilst celebrating the 10th anniversary of the festival. 

‘Semi-permanent’s 10th YEAH!’ was a campaignable design concept to attract a conference audience both loyal and new.

We designed a modular system with a suite of supporting elements to highlight the speakers and their work whilst also signalling semi-permanent’s anniversary. Consistently branded, the suite of design elements within the system were applied in unique, variable combinations and compositions to keep it fresh across a multitude of touchpoints from printed matter to environmental graphics.