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Art & Ideas 2017
Auckland Art Gallery Annual Review

Exploring the book as a sculptural object.

The third in a series of Auckland Art Gallery’s annual review publications, the objective of 2017’s Art & Ideas was to physically embody and graphically portray how the organisation is actively engaged in building networks, collapsing distance and redefining the ‘centre’ — presenting alternative perspectives and encouraging polyphonic voices on a global stage.

Collapsing distance and creating networks are all playfully embodied in the almost sculptural structure of the cover. Multiple images of events and exhibitions are juxtaposed in the book jacket that extends way beyond the accepted length. It folds around and in on itself and is held in place with elastic bands, which act as a metaphor for curation. The jacket’s intention is to create a physical response: challenging the reader to either fold back in place as they found it, or create their own cover. The page layout’s grid structure pivots around a vertical centre point echoing the jacket’s graphic qualities.