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Loved local brand All Good is back with an Oat Milk. And it tastes delicious. As a brand they’re known for their charming illustrations and characters — this was a chance to build on the equity of prior products, with another stand-out personality. This product is aimed both at helicopter health-conscious parents via supermarket shelves and discerning cafe baristas thirsty for the latest plant-based trend. Until now the alternative milks aisle has been easily forgotten, a sea of beige and dull packs.

We didn’t just want to put a character on the carton, we saw the carton (and shipper) as an opportunity to BE the character — the form comes alive as your very own oat milk buddy. He’s the good guy on the shelf — our “OATEE” as he is affectionally called — is taking on the world and making it a better place.

Oatee peers out from supermarket shelves and fridges all over town. He shoots from the hip: small, nimble and going places. The type can’t even keep up! Look at that angle! He’s leaving half his milk behind! Those eyes! He’s watching you (maybe he’s even judging you?), but he’s here to make friends. Charming, a little nerdy, earnest but fun. No beige here. He’s lilac and sea-foam green.