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Techweek was established to help demonstrate the best of New Zealand’s tech innovation to the world, but also to bring the world’s best tech sector stories to New Zealand. Speakers range from corporate to start-up, from academic to celebrity authors came to New Zealand for the week. We worked with ATEED to formulate a brand positioning — ‘reshaping our world’ — and express the brand across a series of events, launching the brand in 2016.

We created a series of disruptive elements that reshape each Techweek communication in a new way. They can be used singularly or together to create order or chaos — but they never create the expected.

A key methodology of design-thinking is the practice of prototyping. The Techweek AKL font Cinetype, has a prototype-like structure, it feels like a work-in-progress as opposed to the finished product. The logo remains the constant, anchor element and the Techweek blue is specified as a digital colour first, the luminous nature of RGB is used to maximum effect online where the majority of communications
are launched.