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Radiant Matter I /II / III
Exhibition Catalogue

This publication records & represents Radiant Matter, a body of work by artist Dane Mitchell that spanned four exhibitions over 2 years from 2010–12 — in Berlin (daadgalarie), New Plymouth (Govett-Brewster Art Gallery), Dunedin (Dunedin Public Art Gallery) & Auckland (Artspace).

Radiant Matter explores themes & states of materiality (solid/liquid/gas) which are reflected in the publications varied use of paper stocks, colours & finishes. Hyper-gloss lamination is used to represent the exhibitions that made strong use of glass & perfume, whereas a natural uncoated stock was used for the earthier Dunedin show. In the text a radiant glow is visible in the gutter, an effect caused through the paper’s bleaching process. The red that features throughout reflects the red-light used to suspend the photographic process in the final show at Artspace.

The graphic approach also reflects Dane Mitchell’s pseudo-scientific investigations into the theoretical fourth state of matter coined Radiant Matter by William Crookes. With macro & micro images contrasted in the plate layout & typesetting that has a restrained, academic tone.