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Semi-Permanent 2016

Our challenge was to create a campaign for designers about a design conference without any images larger than a screenshot or access to any other scalable content. Without the usual slick speaker imagery to draw attention we had to think of another way to make some noise. We asked each speaker to write down the first thing that came to mind in response to an image of a fellow speakers’ work. The results were gold, so we picked our favourite four and then took it even further with an experiment in colour. The sales vernacular of neon colour was used to disrupt by creating a layered contemporary psychedelia to express our evocative, slightly confounding statements — which encouraged the curious to come along and see what we’re talking about. The contrasting layered neon inks created typographic statements that seem to leap off the page. A similar effect was created with RGB online, using neon counterparts to disrupt the eye on the screen.