Goode Brothers Bar & Bistro

Strategically positioned as ‘Domestic Modernism with an Italian accent — where warmth, tradition &  ‘goode’ humour meet Italian style, quality & authenticity.

Playful type harks back to 60s trattoria signage of Italy: fully justified it stretches across each piece of collateral in every direction — wrong in all the right ways.

A palette of red & green as colours of Italy meets earthy textures of NZ.

Playfully bold pasta forms combine to create patterns based on our signature dishes that are both functional — dividing spaces or framing devices in marketing POS —  and proof that don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Each Goode Brothers restaurant feels unique, yet familiar, through a curated set of variables that respond to & accent the location in combination with the brand DNA & site specific architecture — making you feel at home every time.