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The Waitakere Mega Centre had fallen into a serious state of disrepair. The environment was old, tatty, it looked unloved & felt unsafe. 

The new owners sought to inject life back into this old mall — with ambitions to make it the shopping location of choice for locals as well as profitable for the businesses operating there — with minimal architectural upgrades.

First we had to discover who shopped there? What did the local residents of Henderson want & need? What was the catchment for the area & who was out competition? What we discovered is ‘Westies’ are proud & sophisticated Aucklanders that love life on the periphery, where the ‘Super City’ gives way to the Waitakere Ranges to create a place like no other — urbane & outdoorsy both.

Renamed The Boundary we set about re-inventing the centre into a warm & welcoming place that celebrated the wild west coast & all that nature offers by instigating an intense ‘green-ification’ of the site, it’s sustainability & the brand. The infamous ‘Westie’ down-to-earth personality was treated with respect with quality experiences & environment that are unpretentious yet considered.