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Shore City Mall

With this project we established a new positioning for Auckland’s iconic Shore City and developed a refreshed brand identity to weave through the entire experience. A change of ownership meant a fast turn-around to communicate new ownership and a new direction in order to connect & revitalise the market pre-christmas. Pragmatically, a design system that was bold, simple and easy to apply was required in order to promote this significant change quickly throughout the shopping centre.

The relaxed yet sophisticated nature of Shore City as a retail destination and its unique proximity to the beach came through very strongly in the research and led to the positioning idea of “Beachside Boutique”. The distinctive new brand signature and design system was developed to capture this and has been applied from the exterior of the centre, through to the inside and is being rolled out across all elements of the Shore City experience.

The SC monogram is reminiscent of the luxury icons of European boutique fashion houses whereas the design system features classic beachside motifs such as polka dots and candy stripes which are in turn combined with aspirational fashion photography. Together these elements brings to life the two distinct sides of the positioning ‘Beachside’ & ‘Boutique’.