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The Crew Club

In Auckland we’re lucky to have plenty of places we can eat and drink by the water. But to be right on the water, with just a balcony railing between you and the sea — that’s rare. And that is what makes The Crew Club so special.

With a diverse clientele spanning tourists, power-lunchers through to the furious Friday night crowd, The Crew Club needed to be friendly & accessible whilst signaling a quality dining experience. 

True to its roots and location The Crew Club is positioned as a high-energy dining hall that celebrates the yachty-yuppies of Auckland Viaduct’s ‘hey-day’. 

We created a sea-green and white colour scheme, with pale wood furniture and tongue-and-groove paneling to give the place a sophisticated beach-house feel. Bright geometric patterns reference maritime signal flags, and sight lines have been improved to create unimpeded views of the sea, wherever you sit. Historical yachting photographs by Henry Winklemann are hung throughout the bar and restaurant.