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The Lula Inn Eatery & Drinkery

The viaduct on Auckland city’s waterfront is a party strip at night — where tourists, teenagers & corporate events mingle — and a relaxed lunch spot during the day. How could we create a quality experience for this broad audience that stands apart from the neighbouring bars & restaurants, day & night?

How about a Contemporary take on the Tiki bar that embraces the best of our local character, food & music to proudly create a uniquely South Pacific experience? A tongue-in-cheek celebration of the very best of New Zealand & its neighbouring islands in a relaxed and refreshingly unexpected way partnered with the best local produce & sea views.

The identity needed to feel like it was ingrained, part of the fabric of the place. So the branding was woven into seat covers, uniforms & menu covers with bespoke fabrics designed here & printed in Amsterdam. We worked closely with the interiors team to get the right balance of fun, fruity & sophisticated.

“Kia Ora, Welcome to The Lula Inn. You’ll find us where the sea meets the shore at the historic Princes Wharf in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. Down here on the edge of the ocean, in our miles-away, hideaway the food is bountiful, fresh & local. People are happy & the good times are keep-on-keeping on. While away some island time with us, with drinks & chats, that ebb & flow, in tune to the music that turns up the tempo as the sun goes down.”